Friday 16th November 2018

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Subject: Students Devices for 2019

IT devices have become a significant part of our programmes in the Senior Syndicate. In today’s world we have to teach our students to research online and present information and to code, as part of the Digital Technologies Curriculum. We would like to use online programmes for our homework programmes as well.
Therefore to ensure that the students get the most value out of our learning time it is strongly encouraged that our Year 4-6 students own their own devices and bring them to school on a daily basis. These devices will continue to be a significant part of your child’s schooling once they go off to high school.

If you are considering purchasing a device as a Christmas present can we please suggest that you purchase one with the following specifications:
Chrome book minimum screen size of 11 inches
Running iOS11.0+, or Android 6.0+
Battery life of 5 – 6 hours
Wireless Capability
Minimum storage of 32GB
Google Chrome installed
Protective case is strongly recommended
Can be updated to the latest operating system
Optional: Wireless Mouse

If students already have their own laptop or other device you may think is suitable then please contact the classroom teacher to discuss if this will be appropriate. Unfortunately ipad’s and tablets would not be appropriate for our purposes.

Thank you for your continued support.

Yours truly,
Megan Roulston
Senior Team Leader, Head of Literacy, Head of Inquiry Learning and EOTC Co-ordinator

Attached is some information relating to BYOD and if you would be interested in being considered as part of a bundle purchase, please fill in the form below.
REGISTRATIONS OF INTEREST – close 26th November.
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