Starting: Wednesday 8 May

Term 2 – 8 May to July 3

Term 3 – July 24 to August 14

Venue: ILT Hockey Turf Invercargill

Health and Safety

Schools need to ensure all

  • Players adhere to the rules of the turf
  • Goalkeepers are fully kitted out
  • Players are wearing mouth guards and shin pads at all times
  • Incidents & accidents need to be recorded in the book which is kept in the clubrooms
  • Volunteers such as coaches and umpires are respected and encouraged by positive feedback and behaviour

Costs  At this stage please budget on last year’s cost, the IHA AGM is being held on March 19th so after this the costs will be confirmed.

Hockey Southland website under “COMPETITIONS” tab.

REMINDER – We must have a coach/manager for all teams in order to register the players through to Hockey Southland.  If Parents don’t volunteer, we will not be able to register teams.

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