The children are well under way with practising for our school production so we thought we’d share the information we have so far with you. Make sure you keep the 19th of September free.

We will be performing at James Hargest Senior campus. There will be a matinee at 1pm and an evening performance at 6.30 pm. Ticket details and the price will be available soon. Keep an eye on FB and school stream for production updates.

The children will be required to have a pair of black leggings /jeans or trousers. No shorts please. We will also be getting t-shirts screen printed for the show. We will notify you of the cost of the t-shirt soon.

Some of the classes need help with costumes so if you are able to sew or help put costumes together we would love to hear from you.

Every child at Salford School will be involved and performing in the production.

Thank you in advance for your support in making this a successful experience for them.

Janine and Jan