The Drop Off Zone has always been a busy and precarious place but in the last month it has become even more so.
This is NOT a parking place and should not be used unless your child is at the Drop off zone waiting for you. Please do not pull in and wait for your child.
With increased traffic on Lamond Street we have noticed that it is traffic travelling west along Lamond Street and wanting to turn into the drop off zone and traffic wanting to turn right coming out of the drop off zone that are causing traffic congestion.
This is making it dangerous for children and the road patrollers as they cannot see down the road to make safe calls for people to cross.
We please ask that you enter the drop off area if your children are waiting for you from the west end of Lamond Street and exit turning left to the east of Lamond Street. This will help keep the flow of traffic moving, the visual pathway clear for our road patrollers and the footpath safe for pedestrians.
Children should not be getting into or out of cars on the road or even in the middle of the school driveways. This is happening too often and we have had several near accidents in recent weeks.
We appreciate your support in keeping the children safe around the school and the roads by driving carefully and by making it easy for our road patrollers to do their job.
Nga mihi
Sarah Gibbs
Tumuaki / Pincipal Salford School