My goodness the staff are a chatty bunch – especially when they haven’t seen each other in person for a while! Lots of fun catching up together at Teacher Only Day. I imagine the children will be much the same on Monday with the staff joining in of course!

Just a few wee updates to the information that came out during the week.
Children will need:
-their own drink bottle (named and filled with water). Drinking fountains are turned off as they are not to be used at Level 2.
-their own stationery either in a pencil case or named plastic bag. If they already have a pencil case with equipment at school they do not need another one. Personal stationery items (felts, scented pens etc) are not to be shared with others.
-children in senior classes who have their own device and headphones for BYOD need to bring them.
-there will be NO heat ups but there will be Subway orders on Wednesday.

-Due to concern for whanau getting to work themselves at Level 2, Salford staff will be manning the entrance ways from 8:35 – 8:50am. Please ensure your child arrives at school within this time frame (unless you have been contacted personally by a staff member)
-Children will need to go straight to their classroom upon arrival – hang their bag up in the cloakroom and sanitise their hands before going into the classroom fully.
-Road Patrols will of course be operational for everyone to cross the road safely but please maintain distance while waiting at the crossing.
-If you could please ensure your child has the gate number (as per the map posted on Facebook and School Stream earlier this week) written on their hand this will help the teachers bring your child(ren) to the correct gate for going home. We have also added a Gate 5 which is the walkway that runs directly up beside Room 1.
-Older siblings will be sent to their younger sibling’s class before the end of the day to help them pack their bags and organise their belongings (as required) and to head to their gate together with staff at home time.
Older siblings are also welcome to support their younger siblings at the beginning of the day with unpacking etc.

There will be no homework for the first week back at school.
We will share lots of photos of the learning and activities we carry out at school of course too! (Keep an eye on the school facebook page for these and also class communication tools.

Once the school day is finished children are NOT to return back to school as we have After School Care running. Children may retun to school to play after 5:30pm when After School Care is finished for the day.

Thank you for helping us keep everyone safe as we get back into our new normal. Your help to keep our school bubble as small as possible and to maintain high hygiene practices throughout is appreciated.

Have a lovely weekend. We can’t wait to see everyone on Monday!
Sarah Gibbs