Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Hockey starts tomorrow – 8th of May.

All children to have hockey sticks, shin pads and mouth guards.  Uniform is school uniform i.e. School Tee and shorts.

Confirmed Hockey teams are:

YEAR 1/2

Salford Northern Lights: Chase, Lewis, Jett, Oliver W, Patrick, Nate, and 1 player from New River.  Coach – Anthony Denissen

Salford Southern Lights:  Ayda, Tia, Madison R, Nina, 2 players from New River, 1 other student – Parent/Supports – Nicola Boutcher and Kelly Ramsay.  (Other Parents please support Nicola and Kelly)

YEAR 3/4

Salford Northern Shots: Kyle, Charlie M, Will, Jack, Joshua, Levi – Parent Support : Jodie Muir (Other Parents, please support Jodie)

Salford Northern Jets:  Ashleigh, Azelri, Emma, Pippa, Athena-Jean, Layla – Parent Support: to be confirmed.

YEAR 5/6

Salford Storm: Henry, Cayden, Nate, Damian, James, Baxter and Erin – Coach – Janine Hopcroft and Ainslie Templeton

Salford Hearts: Kezia, Arley, Mercedes, Isi, Cash, Nichole – Coach: Charly Faherty assisted by Wendy McLaren