Dear Parents/Caregivers,

Registrations for Futsal are now closed as we have sufficient players.

Salford Eagles – Assisted by Christine Fieten and Nicola Boutcher

Elliot M

Dale F

Arlo R

Emelia McM

Baxter T

Quade B

Skylah F

Salford Pukekos – Assisted by Courtney Feaver  and Yvette Hodges

Arna MacK

Alice M

Erica M

Charlie H

Libby H

Fraser H

Dylan L

Archie W

Year 3 and 4

Salford Hawks – assisted by Jane McCulloch and Jodie Muir.

Jett H

Corbyn F

Cameron MacR

Carter M

Lewis M

Callum F

Salford Giants – Ramari Paul –  we will require another Parent to come forward to assist with this team.

Blake A

Gabe S

Jaxon B

Tame B

Theo F

Fletcher F

Year 5/6  – Teams have had to reviewed and reset 

Salford Razorbacks – assisted by Vicky Ramsay.  Is there another Parent that can assist please?

Ethan R

Jacob R

James B

Jaryn F

Abigail B

Caitlyn S

Salford Slicks  – assisted by Terry/Jess Lowen, Courtney Russell

Riley L

Athena-Jean R

Pippa MacR

Harry Z

Hasnat A

Joshua R

Salford Aces – Assisted by Sonya Fleming, Kirsty Bruce, Tracey McLeod and Rachael Stewart

Lochlan B

Will F

Cooper M

Quade McL

Jaden S

Koby J