My apologies – I have had to make someĀ  minor changes.

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

We have tried to put all the children into teams where they have specifically asked to be with a friend or someone they have played with before.

But, the Year 3/4 Registrations from struggling to fill 2 teams, we are able to field three teams in this grouping.

We need a Coach/Manager for the Year 1/2 boys – so please can two parents come forward to assist with our little boys.

Year 1 and 2

Salford Kaka’s

Bede S

Ethan F

Ollie C

Charlie F

Fltecher S

Benji G

James X

Eason Z

Coach and Manager please for this team.

Salford Tui’s

Isla W

Amanda C

Nina S

Ruby HC

Isla HC

Leanne S

Bianka T

Lavinia C

Coach/Manager – Pip Roberts / Gillian Smith

Year 3 and 4

Salford Knights

Nate W

Carter M

Cameron MacR

Blake A

Callum F

Corbyn F

Jett H

Flynn B

Coaches – Bianca Lawrence and Sally MacRae

Salford Voyagers – Mixed Team

Zander M

Jarred F

Gabe S

Charlotte M

Hollie R

Evie C

Keira P

Eva B

Coaches – Ainslie Templeton and Serina Pollard

Salford Maidens – 4 a side

Molly M

Brianna A

Hollie LS

Sophie S

Pippa MacR

Coaches – Sandra Lock and Sally MacRae

Year 5 and 6

Salford Wizards

Joseph G

Eden McD

Nathan A

Abigail B

Ella L

Abigail M

William W

Hasnat A

Coaches – Sarah Greeff and Cara Morton

Salford Raiders

Jaden S

Quade McL

Will F

Cooper M

Mason M

Nate McD

Baxter C

Zavier M

Coaches/Managers – Sonya Fleming, Rachael Stewart, Tracey McLeod