Please note – owing to the numer of registrations in each year level, it has not been possible to fulfil all player requests and I have no movement to make any team changes.

Thank you to the Parents who have come forward to assist Coach/Manage the Teams.

Year 1/2

Salford Insteps (Manager/Coaches – Carl Pryde, Vicki Wilson, Holly Morton)

Dale F

Quade B

Elliot M

Noah McW

Oliver McW

Sam P

Connor A

Salford Toe Kicks (Manager/Coaches – Jennifer Lee and Zhao Koo)

Bede S

Lucas J

Nathan K

Eason Z

Arthur W

James X

Arlo R


Year 3/4 

Salford Inside Kicks (Manager/Coaches – Jane McCulloch, Vicki Wilson, Jodie Muir)

Edmond S

Jett H

Blake A

Lewis M

Callum F

Cameron Mac

Luke C

Salford Outside Kicks (Manager/Coaches – David/Sashia Freeman, Amelia Egerton, Sonya Gardner)

Hannah F

Archie W

Blake N

Liv G

Deizhon K

Aria A

Jaxon B


Year 5/6

Salford Free Kicks (Manager/Coaches – Phil Robinson, Bronwyn Jones, Tracey McLeod)

Charlotte R

Koby J

Scarlett W

Blake H

Arley McL

Quade McL

Micah A

Salford Aces (Manager/Coaches – Sarah Greeff, Courtney Russell)

Tayler B

Joseph G

Joaquin B

Charlotte L

Hasnat A

Abigail B

Joshua R