Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Final team lists – thank you to the Parents who have come forward amendments where they are transporting children with them to games.

Salford Demons – Year 1/2 – 7 players

Quade B, Tia, Fraser, Ruby, Isla, Onyx,  Oliver C, (Coach – Nicola B)

Salford Dragons – Year 1/2 – 8 Players

Fletcher S, Patrick, Felix McC,  Jett, Gabe B, Chase, Carter S, Charlie D, (Coach Jane McC)  

Salford Spirit – Year 1/2 – 8 players  

Fletcher F, Nate, Edmond, Callum, Cameron,  Bowie, Charlie McN, Carter M (Coach – Gerald MacR)

Salford Giants – Year 3.4 – 7 players

Joshua R, Keira, Zander, Giselle, Pippa, Joaquim, Gabe S,  (Sally MacR)

Salford Razorbacks – Year 5/6 – 7 players

James B, Hasnat, Jacob, Koby, Quade, Doha, Joe B (Coach – Tracey McL) 

Salford Aces – Year 5/6 – 7 players

Jaden, Zion, Nate, Will, Cooper, Jaxon, Louis (Coach – Sonya F)

Any queries, please see the office.