Cross Country 2021
Important things to remember for tomorrow (Thursday 13th May)
1. Children can wear their House colours for the day Wakatipu = Green, Manapouri = Yellow, Te Anau = Blue and Hauroko = Red
2. Children need sensible shoes for running (a spare pair of shoes and socks to put on afterwards would be a good idea)
3. A warm jersey to wear after running is also a good idea to help keep warm
4. A big drink bottle of water
5. Mocha Rocker will be there for those hot drinks that are needed to keep you warm
6. Races begin at 2:00pm and will be set off at 2 minute intervals
7. No children should be playing on the playground, sandpit or court areas. If your child has raced and you are supervising them we ask that they stay with you. All other children will be supervised by staff, watching the finish line.
8. If you wish to take your child(ren) home after their event please give their name card to a teacher and sign them out at the office as per usual school procedure. This is to ensure we have everyone accounted for at the end of the event.
9. Children will run in their age groups for their age as at 31st december 2021 (this is different to athletics day dates and is determined by the sporting bodies in Southland)
10. We look forward to having you join us, to support the children as they work to achieve goals they have set around the Cross Country event.
Nga mihi
Sarah Gibbs