Dear Parents and Whanau


You will all be aware of the extreme reactions that bee stings, nuts and other food or plant allergies can bring to children.

At Salford School we have staff and students with varying allergies and body responses to these allergens. Some that can be treated easily with antihistamine or creams and others that are more severe requiring epi-pens and immediate medical treatment.

The intensity of exposure and resulting reactions vary just as much as the treatment.

We currently have a student who is a level 6 reactor. This is the highest level there is on this scale.

This means that should they come into contact with nuts at all (even if someone else has had a peanut butter sandwich and touched a door handle and then the child touches the door handle some time afterward) their body will react violently and quickly leaving the smallest amount of time for help to be obtained and administered.

In order to support this child (and others who also react but not so strongly) in being able to attend school safely,  Salford School will be a nut free school.

We please ask that you support this by ensuring children do not bring nuts, nut products or food items containing nuts to school at any time.

Just the residue of nut traces on someone’s hands is enough to cause a rapid, violent reaction.

Thank you for helping us keep all of the children at Salford School safe.


Sarah Gibbs

Principal Salford School