COVID Alert Level 2:
We are back to Level two for seven days.
Just a reminder about what this means at Salford School:
*maintaining high levels of hygiene with hand sanitiser, disinfectant and of course coughing and sneezing into elbows
*children who are unwell should be kept at home
*parents and whanau are not to be on the school grounds. If you need to collect your child during the day you must come to the office and we will bring them to the office for you
*scanning the QR Code or sigining in at the office needs to be completed for tracking and tracing
*camp still goes ahead under additional requirements which have been discussed with all providers (a letter for whanau with students attending camp is attached)
*drinking fountains are not to be used – children MUST bring their own filled water bottle to school each day
*guests to the school for educational purposes still continue (Year 5 boys’ programme on Wednesday, RtLit visit etc)
With the unpredictability of this virus the staff have been reviewing and working to improve systems and practices for distance learning that were used last year during lockdown (this of course is only precautionary). We are working out what the school could provide for home learning and basic items that could be used as most households would have them. Besides paper and writing / drawing utensils, a deck of cards and some dice would be great for learning. These are readily available from the $2.00 type shops in town if you don’t have these items at home already. All going well we won’t need them!! This is just precautionary based on lessons learned in lockdown.
Should you have any queries or questions please do not hesitate to be in touch. [email protected]
Sarah Gibbs